DIY Adventure Guides

  • What gear/clothing should I bring?
  • How much food do I need?
  • Where are the maps/route?
  • How technical will it be?
  • How much experience is required?

Every time we go on a new expedition, we find ourselves asking the same questions. Generally, once we’ve found the answers, we’re ready to take on the mission. The problem is the answers. They are so elusive, often tied up in millions of rambling articles that need to be read head to toe just to find one detail. What initially starts as a whimsical curiosity quickly becomes a nightmare as we find ourselves bogged down in countless blogs and government websites. Inevitably we pop out of the rabbit hole and make our way to the start of the adventure, prepared as we can be.

Here in our Adventure guides, we answer all the above-mentioned questions for a series of adventures in the hope that it will save you a bunch of effort and time.

Please contact us with any requests / recommendations.


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