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Land Down Under: Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia

My first multi-night hike took place in the Land Down Under. Here, the wilderness is perilous and dangers attack from above and below; poisonous creatures hide in every bush and the deadly sun beats down from overhead. Leading up to the hike I was… Continue Reading “Land Down Under: Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia”

The Land of Frosty Giants & Frolicking Deer: Steele Creek, Mt Aspiring.

I struggled to find information for this route online. It was all vague and frankly a little mysterious. Initially I stumbled across the track while looking for somewhere that didn’t have an insane amount of avalanche danger, whilst still providing a decent view and… Continue Reading “The Land of Frosty Giants & Frolicking Deer: Steele Creek, Mt Aspiring.”

Bear-Prints and Big-Walls: Yosemite National Park, USA

Fraser and I marvelled at the three thousand foot drop to the Yosemite Valley floor. We had battled through eight hours of sun and snow to be here, and it was worth every minute. We stood shoulder-to-shoulder staring at the most famous rock climbing… Continue Reading “Bear-Prints and Big-Walls: Yosemite National Park, USA”

Ruapehu, Summit New Zealand’s highest volcano – Crater Lake DIY Adventure Guide

The following describes our own route up to Ruapehu’s Crater lake, dome ridge summit. It is an unassisted route (requires no chairlifts) and allows for the current renovations to the Whakapapa ski-field, which at the time of trekking blocked the more common route –… Continue Reading “Ruapehu, Summit New Zealand’s highest volcano – Crater Lake DIY Adventure Guide”

Edge of the World: Grand Canyon National Park, USA

The trail opened with a breathtaking view of the canyon. We stood on the edge of the world and gaped down. It was the stuff of magic, forged by the forces of earth and sky. Astounding from every angle, the layers of rock tell… Continue Reading “Edge of the World: Grand Canyon National Park, USA”

Mt Arthur – Summer Summit DIY Adventure Guide

A staggering adventure through alpine beech forest and limestone bluffs yielding panoramic vistas of a land before time Transport Clothing and footwear Food Water Maps & GPS Physical difficulty Technicality Nature and Science Transport The Mt Arthur Hut track is accessible via the Flora… Continue Reading “Mt Arthur – Summer Summit DIY Adventure Guide”